The Kirkpatrick C2C Route is designed for experienced cyclists and covers 250 miles right across the South of Scotland, from Stranraer in the West to Eyemouth in the East. The Kirkpatrick C2C Bitesize approach means you can tailor the route to suit you.

Maybe you only have a couple of days to spare, or maybe there are particular parts of the route you would like to see, or perhaps you’d like to add in one of our route spurs. Choosing the Kirkpatrick C2C Bitesize Approach allows you to do as many or as few stages of the route as you’d like.

Whichever stages of the The Kirkpatrick C2C route you choose, you will travel through some of the most idyllic and captivating landscapes our region has to offer. You will get a chance to delve into our history and our culture, to relish our produce and spend time with the locals.

For the most part, the Kirkpatrick C2C route is flat or undulating, with Stage Four of the Explorer approach the most testing in terms of gradient. It includes some steep climbs as well as the highest point of the route, but it’s very much worth the effort as the outstanding views of our landscapes will stay with you long after your tired legs have recovered!

If you think you might prefer to try the entire route, there are two options that we suggest. For those who wish to test your cycling mettle, take a look at our Challenge approach. Or if you would prefer to take a more leisurely pace to allow you to discover the region, the Explorer approach might be best for you.