The South of Scotland, Home of the Bike

The Kirkpatrick C2C, South of Scotland’s Coast to Coast cycling route, celebrates Scotland’s rich history of innovation and the South’s key role in the creation of the bicycle. The on-road route offers 250 miles of uninterrupted joy for experienced cyclists from Stranraer on the west coast to Eyemouth on the east coast. Almost 200 years ago Kirkpatrick Macmillan, a blacksmith from Dumfriesshire, created the first pedal-driven bicycle, the velocipede. This innovation changed the world forever and marked the South of Scotland’s pivotal place in the story of the modern-day bicycle.

Ride from Coast to Coast

The South of Scotland already has a number of long-distance cycling routes and walking paths but the Kirkpatrick C2C is the jewel in the South of Scotland’s cycling crown. For the first time, enthusiasts will have the opportunity to ride 250 miles on an unforgettable journey through breathtaking landscapes with dramatic coastlines and beaches, rolling hills, shimmering lochs, historic tweed mills, Victorian stone viaducts and romantic ruined abbeys all peppering the route, culminating in the picturesque harbour at Eyemouth. 

Discover the South of Scotland

This route lets you discover the places that have shaped Scotland: where fierce battles once raged, where legendary kings and queens struck deals that forged a nation, and where great poets drew inspiration for the ballads we still sing. Our southern lands have always been central to Scotland’s narrative, and on the Kirkpatrick C2C you can follow the thread that connects us to a tapestry woven over centuries.

Discover the Route

The route is not yet signposted, however it predominantly sticks to National Cycle routes 1, 7 and 73. It is most suitable for experienced cyclists due to the nature of the roads. Although most parts of the route avoid areas of heavy traffic, we do ask cyclists to be respectful of other road users.

If you’re an adrenaline lover, you can try the Challenge Route and do it in as few as four days. But why rush? Take your foot off the pedal and give yourself enough time to stop and discover all there is to see with our Explorer Route. Eight days should do it. As for where to start, that’s entirely up to you. East or west, but which one’s best? Not that we’re giving away any secrets but you’re more likely to get the help of a little tailwind if you set off from Stranraer. And if you can’t get enough of the South of Scotland, tackle the route in stages over a longer period or make the most of local loops with our Bitesize approach.

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