The Kirkpatrick C2C Route covers 250 miles across the South of Scotland, with the Challenge approach taking just four days. As its name suggests, the Kirkpatrick C2C Challenge is designed for the keenest of cyclists. It takes riders on an unforgettable journey across the South of Scotland from Stranraer in the west to Eyemouth in the east. Winding through breathtaking landscapes, from our dramatic coastlines across rolling hills, through stunning scenery and picturesque towns, the route will both challenge and charm.

For the most part, the Kirkpatrick C2C route is flat or undulating, with Days Two and Three of the Challenge approach the most testing of the four in terms of gradient. They include some steep climbs as well as the highest point of the route, but pedal on…the reward for your efforts will be some of the most spectacular views in the region!

If you think you might prefer a more leisurely pace for the Kirkpatrick C2C route, allowing you the time to experience more of the South of Scotland’s scenery, history and welcome, take a look at our Explorer approach. Or if you would prefer to tackle the route in separate stages, the Bitesize approach might be best for you.