The rugged coastline of Scotland’s Berwickshire Coast offers stunning views whether you explore from the clifftops of the coastal path or marvel at its geological wonders from the sea. Marine birds keep a vigilant eye and seals and dolphins inhabit these waters making it a superb place to observe the great diversity on display.  

At the far northern reaches of the area is Cocksburnpath where the Southern Upland Way traditionally terminates giving walkers a stunning view out to sea as their reward. The town also serves as the northerly start for the four-day walk along the Berwickshire Coastal Path. 

Midway down the path is St Abbs Head, with an iconic lighthouse and seabird colonies nesting amidst the rugged cliffs. The waters around St Abbs fishing village are a protected Marine Reserve and popular with scuba divers. Further along the coast is Coldingham Bay – a perfect golden sand beach nestled in a cove, particularly beloved of surfers who like to test their metal against the waves. 

The picturesque harbour of Eyemouth sports a few fishing trawlers and some smart otters and seals who come to benefit from the fish being proffered by tourists. For cyclists at journey’s end of the Kirkpatrick C2C it is the perfect place to refuel with delicious fish and chips and an ice cream! Off two wheels you can follow in the footsteps of the smugglers who once used this area to avoid paying the punitive taxes on tea! Indeed from here south to the English border, villages such as Burnmouth harbour and Lamberton with their choppy coast line and sea caves have been the settings for smuggling stories of years gone by.