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Be inspired by our stories, itineraries and highlights – we can help you plan a perfect trip in the South. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, a nature enthusiast, or an adrenaline seeker; from solo travellers to couples and families; your next holiday starts here!

What’s On this May

May brings a delightful fusion of art, cycling, music, theatre, and intellectual engagement to the events calendar of the South of Scotland. As the region…

access_time26th April 2024

Rural Escapes in the South of Scotland

Experience the essence of rural life with a farm stay in the South of Scotland. Immerse yourself in the daily rhythms of a working farm…

access_time7th March 2024

Biking Bonanza – Cycling Events 2024

There is so much to offer cyclists in the South of Scotland. This year sees the spring launch of the Kirkpatrick C2C South of Scotland…

access_time29th March 2023

Our night sky in the summer

The skies in June stay light until the very wee hours making it more difficult to observe our starry wonders. Our night sky expert Geoffrey…

access_time17th May 2024

10 reasons to visit Spring Fling

Experience the vibrant pulse of creativity at Spring Fling, the beloved annual open studio art festival celebrating its 22nd year in Dumfries and Galloway.

access_time14th May 2024

Adventures down on the farm

Discover the charm of Scotland’s agricultural tapestry this May as you journey through the picturesque farms scattered across the South of Scotland. Did you know…

access_time10th May 2024

Scotland’s Smugglers’ Coast

Journalist Robin McKelvie visits Scotland’s Smugglers’ Coast, discovering the secrets of Eyemouth’s role in the smuggling trade and viewing the inlets and harbours along the…

access_time15th April 2024

Our Spring Sky at Night

Spring brings skies lighter later but is also fairly quiet in astronomical terms, so the perfect time to get better aquainted with the night sky.

access_time28th March 2024

What’s on this April

An early Easter and half-term holidays mean the first half of April is jam-packed with events focused on family friendly activities. Pay a visit to…

access_time22nd March 2024

What’s On This March

March in the South of Scotland unveils a dynamic array of events, blending the cultural richness of literary gatherings with the melodic charm of live…

access_time19th February 2024

Eateries Worthy of a Mention

Prepare to embark on a journey where delectable dishes meet award-winning excellence. From charming pubs to modern bistros, each venue boasts a culinary experience that…

access_time12th February 2024

Snowdrop Spotting in the South

Did you know there is a special word just for snowdrop enthusiasts? If you go snowdrop spotting each year as winter turns to spring, you…

access_time1st February 2024

Celebrating Selkirk

Journalist and travel writer Robin McKelvie jumped at the chance to tick Selkirk off his ‘To Overnight In’ bucket list. This Scottish Borders town vibrates…

access_time25th January 2024

Exploring Eyemouth

Travel writer and journalist Robin McKelvie explores history, world-class seafood and superb walking trails as he goes on tour on Scotland’s east coast in the…

access_time19th January 2024

Our winter sky

As the chilly embrace of winter settles over the picturesque landscapes of the South of Scotland, a celestial spectacle unfolds above. The night sky becomes…

access_time17th January 2024

What to see & do this winter

Discover a myriad of experiences in the South of Scotland this winter, from museums and historic sites to cozy retreats and romantic escapes for Valentine’s…

access_time14th December 2023

Award-winning sleeps, eats and visits

In an era of ever-increasing travel choices, it can be tricky to filter out the truly outstanding places to stay and eat and what to…

access_time24th November 2023

Christmas events across the South of Scotland

Nestled amid the breathtaking landscapes of the South of Scotland, a magical holiday season unfolds with an enchanting charm all its own. As winter’s frosty…

access_time14th November 2023

Your Winter Bucket List for the South of Scotland

As winter’s chill settles in and the world transforms into a glistening wonderland, there’s something undeniably magical about this season. The South of Scotland provides…

access_time13th November 2023

What’s on in November

It doesn’t matter that the days are shorter and the temperatures a little cooler, there is still a multitude of activities to entertain visitors to…

access_time20th October 2023

Championing Thistle Finalists

This year the South of Scotland is proud to have its own dedicated regional tourism awards, the South of Scotland Thistle Awards. As regional award…

access_time16th October 2023

Spine-tingling treats

Get ready for a spooky, spine-tingling October in the South of Scotland! The region has a bewitching array of Halloween themed events thoughout the month…

access_time15th September 2023

What’s on in October

Get ready to embrace the vibrant spirit of autumn in the enchanting South of Scotland! As the leaves start to turn and a crisp chill…

access_time14th September 2023

What’s on in September

Get ready to immerse yourself in a whirlwind of excitement this September as the South of Scotland comes alive with an array of captivating events.

access_time30th August 2023

Day-trip adventures on your Bike

Calling on adventurers of all ages and anyone looking for a great day out on their bike! Whether you are a couple of cycling enthusiasts…

access_time1st August 2023