10 reasons to visit Spring Fling

by Scotland Starts Here, 14th May 2024
Annirose Ansbro's Studio | Spring Fling Photo: Colin Tennant
10 reasons to visit Spring Fling

Experience the vibrant pulse of creativity at Spring Fling, the beloved annual open studio art festival celebrating its 22nd year in Dumfries and Galloway. Taking place over the final bank holiday of May, it beckons you to immerse yourself in a weekend of discovery amid the region’s thriving art scene. Whether you dedicate the whole weekend to a studio-hopping adventure or opt for a leisurely day exploring one, this is a really unique festival offering visitors an insight into the artists, their work, and their inspirations. Keep your eyes peeled for familiar landscapes brought to life in paintings, photographs or sculpted forms and feel a little closer to the land and its artists. Here 10 terrific reasons to visit Spring Fling this May!

1. 104 unique studios to visit across D&G

Regions are colour-coded to help visitors see which studios could be grouped together for a day’s adventure.

2. Unique insights into how and where work is made

See first-hand how artists produce their creations – in some cases you may be able to have a go yourself!

3. Meet the artists and makers themselves

Understand the motivation of the artist and their stories that produce their creative masterpieces – get insight into their process.

4. Go on an adventure across Dumfries and Galloway

Journey on lesser known routes and discover the wonders of the region as you seek out the studios.

5. Buy direct from the artist in their studio

Buying direct from the studio and meeting the artist gives your artwork context and a story it would not have if you bought from a gallery. You also might fall in love with artworks you would not see elsewhere.

6. Go Green – take one of the guided bus tours or follow a suggested bike route

Enrich your day and take a bike to explore the routes between studios – or opt for the guided bus tours departing from New Galloway, St John’s Town of Dalry, Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Lockerbie.

7. Buy unique furnishing, crockery and textiles to style your home

This is an ideal opportunity to seek out one off pieces to style your home – no one else will have your special finds that is for sure.

8. Visit unique studios and venues

Many of these studios are not normally open to the public and this is a unique chance to glimpse behind the walls of some interesting buildings and spaces!

9. Be inspired!

Seeing the imagination of others run wild may give you the inspiration to start up yourself – is there a creative process you’ve been wanting to explore?

10. Support small independent creative businesses

Spring Fling brings customers to the doors of the artists offering them the opportunity to support these small business owners at a time when it can be difficult to attract buyers’ attention.

With thanks to Upland Arts Development CIC for their support in producing this blog. Photography by Colin Tennant for Spring Fling.