With plenty of stunning southern Scottish countryside on offer and wonderful options for ‘get away from it all’ stays, three towns anchor this area for any visitor.  

Hawick, is the largest of the Border towns with a history stretching back to the 1100’s. Today it is a major centre for industry, the largest of which is textiles. In addition, the town hosts the oldest of the Borders Common Riding festivals. This event takes place early in the summer to celebrate a local youth taking the English flag from invaders at Hornshole in 1514.  

By contrast Newcastleton is a rather smaller affair offering a haven of tranquillity amidst breathtaking wilderness, allowing visitors to really get off the beaten track. Try your hand at the mountain biking trails at 7Stanes Newcastleton or hit the road and cycle the section of the Kirkpatrick C2C that starts in town and finishes in Hawick.  

Hike up through the scenic Esk Valley, discovering ancient stone circles, or climb Whita Hill above Langholm to see the memorial to the town’s son and 20th century poet Hugh McDiarmid. The community in Langholm has recently bought 10,500 acres of Langholm Moor allowing for the establishment of the Tarras Valley Nature Reserve. This ecological restoration project promises a positive future for people, nature and climate in years to come.