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Eyemouth, Berwickshire Coast

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You wouldn’t read a book from the middle, and the first page of Scotland’s great story starts in the South.

Discover the places that have shaped Scotland: walk where fierce battles once raged, where legendary kings and queens struck deals that forged a nation, and where great poets drew inspiration for the ballads we still sing. Our southern lands have always been central to Scotland’s narrative, and you can follow the thread that connects us to a tapestry that has been woven over centuries.

But our story is still unfolding, and you can be part of that story too. Absorb the spirit of Scotland in our heather-clad moors, our enchanted forests, and our star-strewn skies. Explore our rising hillsides and narrow glens, and find peace along the banks of our mirrored lochs. Begin your next adventure right where Scotland starts. We are waiting for you.

History starts here, culture starts here, creativity starts here: welcome to the South.

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