If you’re after a more active way to get around the South of Scotland, cycling is a fantastic option. Whether you want a leisurely pedal along quiet roads, or an adrenaline rush while mountain biking, the beauty of cycling is that it gives you the freedom to discover and explore a whole variety of trails and paths at your own pace.

Scotland is unique from England and Wales in the sense that you can go onto most land and enjoy the outdoors as long as you’re acting responsibly. This is known as Scottish Access Rights. These rights apply to hills and moors, forests and woods, beaches and the coast, rivers and lochs, parks and even some types of farmlands, and of course a whole network of paths – from downhill trails to farm tracks and country roads.

Travelling the South by bike opens up a world of adventure. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, read on to find out how you can get ready and make the most out of your trip.