The South of Scotland has something to offer each and every visitor. Our stunning landscape is filled with breathtaking mountains and valleys, as well as crystal clear lochs and beaches. The natural beauty of the South of Scotland really does need to be seen to be believed, and it’s best enjoyed up close-and-personal.

Thanks to Scottish access rights, you can go onto most land to enjoy the outdoors. All that’s asked in return is that you behave responsibly and respect the space around you, by following the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. This part of the world is special to so many, and we want to protect and preserve its beauty for centuries to come.

Scottish Access Rights

As mentioned, Scottish access rights apply to most of Scotland’s countryside. This includes hills and moors, forests and woods, beaches and the coast, rivers and lochs, as well as parks and even certain types of farmland. Of course, there are some exceptions, such as houses and gardens, other buildings and their yards or compounds, school grounds and places which charge for entry.

While enjoying the great outdoors, you can do all sorts of activities including walking, cycling, climbing, horse-riding, kayaking, swimming and watching wildlife. Please be aware that these rights don’t apply to things like shooting, fishing or access with motor vehicles.

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code ensures that everyone can get the most out of their time here, while caring for the people and places they encounter along the way.

The Code is based around three key principles: