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Newcastleton built in 1793 by the Duke of Buccleuch to capitalise on the growing textile markets, it has conservation status.

About Newcastleton

Newcastleton’s traditional name is Copshaw Holm, taken from the site the village was built on, it is how the locals refer to their home; a remote rural remote place of 750 people in the south of Scotland. Built in 1793 by the Duke of Buccleuch to capitalise on the growing textile markets it has conservation status; built around three communal squares on a grid, one of Scotland’s few planned villages, a truly unique place.

Copshaw is at the heart of Reiving Country where battles were fought over land and goods and Scottish clans thrived. Descendants of the famous thieving clans; Armstrong, Elliot, Nixon, Robson and many others still live here. You can explore this bloody side of their history at the local Heritage Museum in the village.

Apart from clans and textiles, Newcastleton has a famous recent past; the village protested en-masse on the 5th January 1969 to stop the last train reaching London on the Waverley Line. Newcastleton was part of the savage cuts imposed on Scotland as a result of Westminster Government’s decision to adopt the Beeching plan which closed many railway lines and devastated so many communities. You can find out more about this locally and see original artifacts at the Waverley Line Heritage museum to read the full history of what happened.
The Newcastleton Traditional Music Festival, the oldest music festival in Scotland is held over the first weekend in July along with the maverick and bizarre Copshaw Common Riding – they ride their boundaries on bikes not horses! A fabulous weekend to enjoy for all ages.

Little has changed since 1793, Newcastleton is surrounded by sweeping panoramic views with everything you need to have a great time. Pubs and cafes are open all year round, there is a huge range of accommodation to suit all pockets and you can refill your tank at the community fuel pumps as well as recharge your car. If you can stay for longer then explore the stunning scenery – there are 12 way marked walking routes all starting and ending from Douglas Square, the 7stanes mountain bike trails are a must for thrills and spills or try the challenging golf course with its stunning vista’s.

At its heart are Copshaw folk who welcome all-comers, you will always be awarded a warm welcome in the Holm, they have been used to welcoming visitors since 1793.

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