Guest Post

Our Spring Sky at Night

Spring brings skies lighter later but is also fairly quiet in astronomical terms, so the perfect time to get better aquainted with the night sky.

access_time28th March 2024

Celebrating Selkirk

Journalist and travel writer Robin McKelvie jumped at the chance to tick Selkirk off his ‘To Overnight In’ bucket list. This Scottish Borders town vibrates…

access_time25th January 2024

Exploring Eyemouth

Travel writer and journalist Robin McKelvie explores history, world-class seafood and superb walking trails as he goes on tour on Scotland’s east coast in the…

access_time19th January 2024

Our winter sky

As the chilly embrace of winter settles over the picturesque landscapes of the South of Scotland, a celestial spectacle unfolds above. The night sky becomes…

access_time17th January 2024