Discover cycling in the South of Scotland

Sustainable Tourism Series Have you heard about the cycling in the South of Scotland? We have the hottest new road route – the Kirkpatrick C2C…

access_time27th May 2024

Our night sky in the summer

The skies in June stay light until the very wee hours making it more difficult to observe our starry wonders. Our night sky expert Geoffrey…

access_time17th May 2024

Adventures down on the farm

Discover the charm of Scotland’s agricultural tapestry this May as you journey through the picturesque farms scattered across the South of Scotland. Did you know…

access_time10th May 2024

Our Spring Sky at Night

Spring brings skies lighter later but is also fairly quiet in astronomical terms, so the perfect time to get better aquainted with the night sky.

access_time28th March 2024

Rural Escapes in the South of Scotland

Experience the essence of rural life with a farm stay in the South of Scotland. Immerse yourself in the daily rhythms of a working farm…

access_time7th March 2024

Snowdrop Spotting in the South

Did you know there is a special word just for snowdrop enthusiasts? If you go snowdrop spotting each year as winter turns to spring, you…

access_time1st February 2024

Exploring Eyemouth

Travel writer and journalist Robin McKelvie explores history, world-class seafood and superb walking trails as he goes on tour on Scotland’s east coast in the…

access_time19th January 2024

Our winter sky

As the chilly embrace of winter settles over the picturesque landscapes of the South of Scotland, a celestial spectacle unfolds above. The night sky becomes…

access_time17th January 2024

Award-winning sleeps, eats and visits

In an era of ever-increasing travel choices, it can be tricky to filter out the truly outstanding places to stay and eat and what to…

access_time24th November 2023

Cosy pubs with local fayre

What could be nicer on a frosty day than to finish off an autumnal or wintery walk in a cosy pub with a delicious seasonal…

access_time30th November 2022

Winter Walks in the South of Scotland

Taking in the crisp, fresh air on a sunny winter’s day is such a boost for your mental and physical wellbeing. And where better to…

access_time23rd November 2022

Winter Wonders in Southern Scotland

Crisp forecasts in southern Scotland mean scenic strolls through majestic, breathtaking scenery. It is an ideal time to celebrate clear skies, day or night —…

access_time16th November 2022

Walk the Whithorn Way

Most people will have heard of the Camino de Santiago, the route pilgrims and longdistance walkers take to reach Santiago de Compestela in northern Spain.

access_time21st October 2022

Free Things to Do in the South of Scotland

There is nothing better than being on holiday and discovering a whole array of fantastic free activities! If you are looking for ways to explore…

access_time28th September 2022

Adventures in the Tweed Valley

The area around the River Tweed is well known for its mountain biking: the Enduro World Series and Tweedlove Bike Festival are major events in the…

access_time19th August 2022

The Lighthouses of the Rhins of Galloway

Lighthouses have an iconic status as beacons of hope and safety to seafarers of days past and present. Standing proudly along the cliffs of the…

access_time12th April 2022

10 Spectacular Coastal walks in the South

Who doesn’t love a blustery walk along clifftops, sea air filling your lungs, seabirds whirling overhead and the sun glinting majestically off the waves beneath?…

access_time5th April 2022

8 things to do in the Borders

Think that the Borders are just somewhere that you just bash through on the way to Edinburgh or in search of the Highlands? Or live…

access_time14th March 2022

Escape to the Borders

Any time of year is a good time to be in the Borders, but the start of March proves a corker. I step off the…

access_time8th March 2022

Love Legends in the South

Love is all around the south of Scotland. Be it ill-fated love or a happily-ever-after endings, there are legends and tales woven into ballads and…

access_time11th February 2022

Six climbs in Southern Scotland

Do you know your Munros from your Corbetts? Your Grahams from your Donalds? These Scottish hill classifications offer a great place to start a new…

access_time10th December 2021

Great Days Out Start Here This Winter

Did you know that this winter you can experience a day out in the south of Scotland for up to half price? The Great Days…

access_time19th November 2021