Kirkpatrick C2C – Explorer Stage 8

Cycling Route
Eyemouth, Scottish Borders

Kirkpatrick C2C – Explorer Stage 8


The eighth and final stage of the Kirkpatrick C2C stretches from Coldstream to Eyemouth on the Berwickshire Coast. Though largely flat, this stretch of the route has a few smaller climbs before a descent to the coastal town of Eyemouth.

It’s possible to change this stretch of the route with the Duns route spur: Instead of crossing into England, the spur will take cyclists north to the town of Duns, home of motorsport legend Jim Clark and rejoins the Kirkpatrick C2C at Paxton.

Setting off, the route takes you eastwards before dipping slightly south into England at Norham and recrosses into Scotland via the Union Chain Bridge. Spanning the River Tweed between Fishwick in Scotland and Horncliffe in England, it was the longest wrought iron suspension bridge in the world upon its opening in 1820 – a revolutionary achievement. Crossing the bridge takes you close to the grounds of Paxton House: The neo-Palladian mansion is set in an 80-acres estate with gardens, parklands and woodland, overlooking the river and is open to visitors for tours, walks and boat rides. From Paxton, it is a short final stretch to the coast. Reaching Eyemouth, take in the fine coastal scenery. In the 18th century this was a centre for smuggling and Gunsgreen House, which overlooks the harbour, was long at the centre of this illicit trade. Explore the town on foot or see the coast by boat with trips available from the harbour. Whatever your plan now, make sure to enjoy the local offering: From fresh seafood to fish & chips and ice cream, it is time to celebrate!

25mi / 40.5km
Total climb:
1,706ft / 520m
Total descent:
1,771ft / 540m
Towns along route:
Coldstream, Paxton, Ayton, Eyemouth
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What you'll see


Towns & Villages

The town of Coldsstream lies on the north bank of the River Tweed in the Scottish Borders.


Towns & Villages

The small country village of Paxton lies next to the Rivertweed and is a well known spot for salmon fishing.


Towns & Villages

Ayton is a small village with a population of around 500, located approximately 3 miles south of Eyemouth.


Towns & Villages

The historic town lies on the East Coast only 5 miles north of the border with England with a population of about 5000.