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Monuments, Scultptures & Memorials


Memories of the past wonderfully carved in stone.

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What you'll see

Marine Parade and the Seafront - Eyemouth


Marine Parade has a fine example of a modern housing development that retains much of the scale and character of the local area. From the…

William Wallace Statue - Melrose

A statue commemorating William Wallace is "B" Listed. A short walk from the car park to the large statue

The Waterloo Monument - Ancrum

Monuments & Statues

Park at Harestanes Visitor Centre and follow the Peniel Heugh walk to reach the Monument

Hutton's Unconformity Sculpture - Jedburgh

Monuments & Statues

A sculpture in honour of geologist James Hutton in the 18th century

Carter Bar - Jedburgh

Monuments & Statues

Two marker stones to mark the border of Scotland and England

James Hogg - Selkirk

Monuments & Statues

Monument of James Hogg and information boards overlooking an area Hogg loved and knew well

Wicker Man Sculpture - Kirkcudbright

Monuments & Statues

The Wickerman is a sculpture made from wicker, by Trevor Leats.

MacDiarmid Memorial - Langholm

Monuments & Statues

This imposing, metallic “open book” structure celebrates the works of the man considered by many to be the pre-eminent Scottish poet of the 20th century.

Bruce’s Stone - Newton Stewart

Monuments & Statues

Bruce's Stone sits at the top of the hill on the north side of Loch Trool. It is a large granite boulder commemorating King Robert’s…

Wigtown Martyr's Stake - Wigtown

Monuments & Statues

This monument to the east of Wigtown and was erected in 1858 to commemorate The Wigtown Martyrs, Margaret Maclauchlan and Margaret Wilson.

Neilson’s Monument - Barstobrick Hill

Industrial, Monuments & Statues

Neilson's Monument stands at the summit of Barstobrick Hill, 2 miles north of Ringford. It is dedicated to the Scottish inventor James Beaumont Neilson.

Burning Bush Memorial Sculpture - St John's Town of Dalry

Monuments & Statues

Located at the southern end of Dalry, the Burning Bush memorial was installed in 2004.

Malcolm Monument - Langholm

Monuments & Statues

Considered by many to be Langholm's defining feature, this 100 foot-high obelisk dominates the skyline and commemorates one of the town's most celebrated sons.