Ruins & Obscure History

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Ruins & Obscure History


Discover ancients ruins and the more obscure aspects of history.

Our best efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of data, however the data and geographic information contained along route lines and on maps should be used for informational purposes only.

What you'll see

Glenluce Abbey - Wigtownshire

Early Christian, Religious Buildings, Ruins

Due to access restrictions in place, there is currently no visitor access to the castle.

Cairn Holy Chambered Cairns - Carsluith

Ancient, Monuments & Statues

Cairn Holy Chambered Cairns is a pair of burial sites sitting on the slopes of Cairnharrow in the Galloway Hills overlooking the Solway Firth.

Whithorn Priory Ruins - Whithorn

Early Christian, Religious Buildings, Ruins

Whithorn Priory ruins are the remains of one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Scotland.

Stobs Military Camp - Hawick

Ruins, Wartime

Stobs Camp was a prisoner of war camp during the First World War.

The Great Polish Map of Scotland - Eddleston

Arts & Culture

The outdoor concrete scale model of Scotland is a category B listed building and based at Barony Castle Hotel. It was built between 1974 and…

Bow Castle Broch - Galashiels


Built in the Iron Age, possibly by peoples from the north of the Forth, Bow Broch was probably destroyed by the Romans

Smailholm Tower - Kelso

Buildings, Ruins

Smailholm’s 20m-tall tower house, its walls 2.5m deep, dominates a rocky craig.

Chapel Finian - Near Port William

Early Christian, Ruins

Walk in the footsteps of early Christian pilgrims at this ruined chapel, named for St Columba’s tutor.

Routin Brig - Kirkpatrick Irongray


The Routin' Brig at Kirkpatrick Irongray was the historic crossing point from Kirkcudbrightshire into Dumfriesshire.

Stob Stanes - Kelso


A half mile walk into the hills brings you to these ancient stones. They are the focus of a dramatic rideout in the annual Festival…

Isle of Whithorn Promontory Fort - Isle of Whithorn

Scenic Views

The small square tower at the southernmost point of the Isle is a local landmark.

Crawick Multiverse - Sanquhar

Visitor Attractions

Crawick Multiverse is an amazing land art installation to explore and enjoy cosmology, science and art or just to walk your dog in the beautiful…

Soutra Aisle - Pathhead

Early Christian, Religious Buildings, Ruins

Although it was once part of the medieval hospital church, Soutra Aisle became the family burial place of the Pringles

Crichton Castle - Pathhead


Due to access restrictions in place, there is currently no visitor access to this site.

Rosslyn Castle - Roslin

Ancient, Bridges, Castles & Stately Homes, Ruins

Built by the St Clair family in 1304 after the Battle of Roslin.

The 12 Apostles Stone Circle - Dumfries

Ancient, Monuments & Statues

This Neolithic Stone Circle is the largest in mainland Scotland containing 11 of the original stones.