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In Burns' time, Duns would have been a thriving market town and crucially, the location of Berrywell, family home of Robert Ainslie’s family, used as a base by Burns and Ainslie for their tour of the Scottish Borders.

About Duns

The town of Duns is recognised as the likely birthplace of John Duns Scotus, the great medieval philosopher who taught at the University of Paris during the 14th century.
On arrival at Duns, Burns was impressed by the character of Ainslie’s parents and charmed by his sister, Rachel. He accompanied the family to church on the Sunday and sat next to Rachel. During the service she became quite upset at the sermon delivered by Dr Bowmaker the minister on sinners and could not find the referred to text in her Bible. Burns took it from her and on the flyleaf wrote the following:

"Fair maid, you needna take the hint
Nor idle texts pursue;
'Twas guilty sinners that he meant
Not angels such as you!"

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