Gavinton and Fogo

Walking Route

Gavinton and Fogo


This is a linear route 4 1/2 miles in length so you will be covering double that distance if you walk back to Duns; a good way to explore these settlements on a cycle.

Gavinton is an example of a development by an improving landlord; he created the settlement in 1760. Fogo village has created a short circular walk over the Blackadder Water for your enjoyment.

9mi / 14.5km
Total climb:
525ft / 160m
Total descent:
525ft / 160m
Towns along route:
Duns, Gavinton, Fogo
Difficulty notes:
Minor roads, well surfaced paths, timber footbridges (can be avoided).
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What you'll see


Towns & Villages

The town of Duns was once a thriving livestock town with a large market square.


Towns & Villages

Gavinton lies 2 kilometres south-west of Duns, just off of the A6105 road. It is an early example of development by an improving landlord.


Towns & Villages

Fogo is a small village 3 miles south of Duns, on the Blackadder Water.