We invite you to embark on a journey to discover the literary landscape of the South of Scotland. Our history of stories goes back centuries – before the words were written, the Borders Ballads were told from generation to generation through oral storytelling.

Our literary heritage includes Sir Walter Scott, Robert Burns, James Hogg and J.M. Barrie, whose stories were inspired by and about the landscapes that surrounded them. They have left an extraordinary literary heritage for all to explore – from the great homes where they lived, to the stunning settings of their tales to the very stories they left behind, there is much to explore in the South of Scotland.

Stories within the landscape

Our stories are not just those from venerated authors, but exist woven through the architecture and the landscapes of the South of Scotland. Stories are layered one on another, sometimes literally buried in the landscape, causing new narratives to be written. You may have heard of the finding in 2014 of a Viking hoard in a field in Galloway. That treasure dated to 900AD and is one of the most significant of its kind throughout the British Isles. Cleaned, restored and carefully curated, the Galloway Hoard is touring Scotland, already contributing new chapters to the story of those who lived in this landscape.

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Here in the South of Scotland we invite you to find out more about this great landscape and the literary heritage it has inspired. Connecting with these stories will leave you wanting more. Wanting to hear more. Here in the South of Scotland. Here where Stories Start.