Trimontium Museum

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Trimontium Museum explores one hundred years of Roman occupation through the stories told by some of the extraordinary finds from this key fort near Melrose.

About Trimontium Museum

Trimontium Roman fort site near Newstead lies just east of Melrose, the home of the NEW Trimontium Museum. Trimontium is of international importance as the largest Roman fort and settlement north of Hadrian’s Wall and the site of one of the largest concentrations of Roman military-related finds in the British Isles. The mystery of this great cache found in 117 pits and wells remains unexplained.

Our 5 star awarded museum in Melrose tells its story providing a modern window on the pivotal and turbulent history of this frontier post, which for much of its existence was the main forward base for the continued Roman invasion and occupation of Scotland.

Trimontium was a permanent garrison three times the size of the largest fort on Hadrian’s Wall and for a significant period was the most northerly bastion of the Roman Empire. A glimpse of its complex and often fraught history is revealed by the amazing archaeological finds from the site.
At Trimontium, the colourful story of everyday Roman Army life contrasts sharply with the grisly contents of the mysterious pits which baffle archaeologists and historians to this day.

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