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Trimontium Museum explores one hundred years of Roman occupation through the stories told by some of the extraordinary finds from this key fort near Melrose.

About Trimontium Museum

Trimontium Roman Fort at Newstead, near Melrose in the Scottish Borders was one of the largest and longest occupied Roman bases in Scotland. It lay at an important transportation intersection where Dere Street, the Roman Road from york crossed the River Tweed on its way north to the Scottish Lowlands. The stronghold was also situated at the foot of one of the three Eildon Hills, from which it took its name. This was no accident since the hill itself was surmounted by one of the largest native hillforts in the country. The Roman base was therefore best positioned to exert political and military dominance over the whole of the surrounding Borders area. When it wasn't acting as a frontier post, it probably also doubled as a supply base for operations further North.

The fort also proved to be a treasure house of military artifacts when it was excavated by James Curle, a local lawyer and antiquarian in 1910. His excavations which ran for nearly five years found numerous pits and wells which had been filled with an extraordinary assemblage of material ranging from a whole smiddy of ironwork to a wide range of weaponry including three priceless parade masks. But the pits weren't just filled with building debris and defunct equipment, they also contained the skeletons of a wide array of animals including cavalry horses and even the disarticulated remains of several unfortunate individuals.
No-one is sure of what this unique assemblage represents and anyone's guess is welcome.

The Trimontium Museum houses part of this collection in an imaginative display which contains objects ranging from spearheads and facial reconstructions to cavalry saddles and gemstones. Our attentive and knowledgable guides offer personalised information and can give further details of our weekly guided walks to the site (every Thursday - April to October- 1.30 - 5.30pm and also Tuesdays in July and August).

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