Tynron Doon

Walking Route

Tynron Doon


Linear forest track and open hill walk. 4.5 km/3miles long, taking around 1½ hours to complete. Hard surfaced tracks and open hill tracks, soft in places with gates.

Boots recommended.

For parking from Dumfries, follow the A76 Glasgow Road to Thornhill and at the end of the village turn left on the A702 through Penpont. Take the second road to the right, which is signed for Tynron. Park to the rear of the village hall.

START: Leave the car park and turn left, then left again to follow the lane past Tynron Kirkyard. The 17th century predecessor of the kirk was rebuilt around 1750 using material from a Medieval towerhouse on Tynron Doon. Climb the short rise into the woodland to reach the 5-track junction. Take the lower track on the right, which gives a rooftop view of Tynron. Pass the small waterfall and turn left at the next junction to skirt the foot of the quarry below Craigturra.

This crag, largely obscured by trees, has a hidden fissure known locally as the ‘Fox’s Hole’, which yielded a flint scraper and may well have been inhabited. Climb the track through the plantation and leave via the field gate following the grass track uphill. Pass through the next gate and turn sharp right to ford the burn before reaching the open hill through the final gate. Tynron Doon is the terraced hill to your right. Head for the saddle between the hills and join a well-worn sheep track leading up Tynron Doon. The summit area of this prominent hill was worked to form a fort in the Dark Ages, and has seen various developments including a 16th century tower-house and a 18th–19th century shepherds bothy. Take time to relax and absorb the history and the view before returning via the same route.

1mi / 2km
Total climb:
66ft / 20m
Total descent:
33ft / 10m
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Tynron Doon Nature Walk

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This 6km walk starts at Tynron Hall Car Park.