Ogilvie Trail – Selkirk to Born in the Borders

Driving Route

Ogilvie Trail – Selkirk to Born in the Borders


This tour is 39.79 miles long, please allow at least 1 hour 10 minutes to complete it, excluding the time taken to enjoy the destinations along the way.

You will get the chance to hear the ;poems while looking at the views that inspired them. Much of the countryside is quite remote. The roads are quiet and often single track. By following these routes you will not only get to know and love Ogilvie’s poetry but also see beautiful parts of the Scottish Borders unseen by most visitors.

Our best efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of data, however the data and geographic information contained along route lines and on maps should be used for informational purposes only.

What you'll see

Top of the Swire looking North - Selkirk

Scenic Views

Hill road with great views.

Top of the Swire looking South - Selkirk

Scenic Views

View of the Ettrick Valley.

Kirkhope - Selkirk


Border Pele Tower

Hartwoodmyres - Selkirk

Scenic Views

View back to the Ettrick valley

Ashkirk Aisle - Selkirk

Religious Buildings

Ancient kirk site and Ogilvie Family Aisle

Ogilvie Cairn - Hawick

Monuments & Statues

Commemorative Cairn in Harden Glen

Below Harden - Hawick


Home of Auld Wat O’ Harden and the Beeftub

Hawick Horse - Hawick

Monuments & Statues

Iconic Hawick Statue

Born in the Borders

Chesters, Ogilvie family home