Kirkpatrick Macmillan Loop

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Kirkpatrick Macmillan Loop


There are very few 11 mile loops where you see so much, that the whole family can enjoy. You start this loop ride at Drumlanrig Castle, which also has a fantastic set of off-road family routes designed by Riks’ Bike shed.

Then a quiet road leads to Penpont, also home town to explorer Joseph Thompson - You continue, passing Keir and Keir Mills, the place where Kirkpatrick Macmillan invented the pedal bike and the graveyard where he is buried. Make sure you stop by the bike-friendly Three Villages Cafe nearby and enjoy their fresh homemade treats!

From there you loop back to Drumlanrig Castle - There are cafes and shops and the "Pink Palace" of Drumlanrig to explore.

11.5mi / 18.5km
Total climb:
853ft / 260m
Total descent:
853ft / 260m
Towns along route:
Keir Mill
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What you'll see

Drumlanrig Castle & Country Estate - Thornhill

Visitor Attractions

If you like delving deep into history, soaking up culture, and exploring beautiful countryside you’ll love a day at Drumlanrig Castle.

Keir Mill

Towns & Villages

Birthplace of Kirkpatrick Macmillan, inventor of the pedal driven bicycle.