Dowlaw to St Abbs

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Dowlaw to St Abbs


Part 2/4 of the Berwickshire Coastal path route. Key points of interest along this walk: Fast Castle : Fast Castle occupies a dramatic, sheer-sided rock jutting out into the sea.

Stumps of masonry represent the final stage of a castle which was visited by Mary Queen of Scots in 1566 and captured by an English force in 1570. Entry is not recommended due to the unguarded cliffs and the site is best viewed from the higher ground on the landward side. Sir Walter Scott later set part of his novel, Bride of Lammermuir here, calling it ‘Wolf’s Crag’.
Admiralty Distance Poles: Two sets of poles over a measured mile enabled shipping companies to test the speed of ocean going vessels. The Cunard liner RMS Mauretania was launched in 1906 and reached 25.73 knots, making her the largest and fastest ship in the world and securing the mail contract with America for over twenty years.
Tun Law : At 500ft (150m) this is the highest cliff on the Berwickshire coast, also the site of two Iron Age forts, which are represented by defensive banks and ditches on the landward side.
Pettico Wick and St Abbs Head : A favourite venue for divers, the cove of Pettico Wick has magnificent views of the coastline. The jetty was built to land supplies for the lighthouse prior to the road and this was also the location of an early salmon fishing station. Beyond St Abbs Lighthouse is Kirk Hill, site of the 7th century monastery of St Æbba and a later chapel. St Abbs Head National Nature Reserve is famous for its many thousands of seabirds and wild coastal plants.
Look out for Twelve Bronze Trail Markers along the full route by artist John Behm and link the four memorial sculptures along the way.

Please allow at least 3 hours to complete it, excluding the time taken to enjoy the destinations along the way. This is part 2 of 4 of the the Berwickshire Coastal Path which is 24.49 miles long and will take at least 9 hours 30 minutes to complete.

7mi / 11km
Total climb:
1,574ft / 480m
Total descent:
1,050ft / 320m
Towns along route:
St Abbs
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What you'll see

Fast Castle - Eyemouth


The ruins of Fast Castle cling to a sloping platform on top of a promontory which projects from the cliffs just over three miles north…

St Abbs

Towns & Villages

St Abbs is a remote but beautiful fishing village on the southeastern coast of Scotland.