Whitefield Loch

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The tree-covered crannog known as Dorman's Island can be viewed from the fishernmen's path from the west. There is a second crannog in the Loch.

About Whitefield Loch

A crannog dating from the Iron Age known as Dorman's Island is situated in Whitefield Loch and has been investigated by AOC Archaeology. A line of reeds presumably marks the original causeway. Another, Tree Island, is also located in the Loch. There was once a mansion close by, known as Craigenveoch Castle, on the banks of Whitefield Loch. Built in 1876, it was later abandoned and finally demolished in the 1950's and woodland grew over the site. Archaeological investigation of Dorman's Island derived the first prehistoric dendro date from split oak logs used as flooring on the island. This showed that that crannog was occupied between 153 and 121 BC and again in the sub-Roman period.

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