Warb Law

Low Level Walks
A 7km walk climbing to the summit of a popular local hill and offering spectacular views.

About Warb Law

This walk begins at Kilngreen car park and the terrain includes roads, tracks and open hills. From the car park, walk towards the town centre and turn right over the road bridge across the Esk. Take the first left (Elizabeth Street), go right at the end and then left over the footbridge into Buccleuch Park. Cross the park, heading towards the River Esk on your left. At the end of the open area, take the riverside path at the foot of the hill, with the river rushing by below. The path becomes a little rougher and crosses a lightly wooded area.

Turn left on a broad track. Follow this track past Murtholm, still close to the river, and out to the Skippers Bridge on the A7 road. Turn right, swing left with the main road, and in a short distance take the clear path leading up the slope on the right. Turn right on a rough track and follow it for about 300 metres to a junction, with houses to the right. Turn left here through the metal gate. In about 25 metres go right onto the open hill, following the line of an ATV track that leads quite steeply upwards. Take your time over the climb, which is at a steady gradient for most of the way. The ATV track is a useful guide.

At the third row of electricity pylons, turn right and follow the general line of the pylons towards the summit of Warb Law. On the way you cross a broken stone dyke and there are also areas of wet ground to negotiate. The compensation is in the ever-expanding views. Warb Law (always known locally as 'the Warbla') is only 275 metres/900 feet in altitude but it commands a superb panorama extending not only to the mass of hills surrounding Langholm but also much further afield.

In clear conditions the Solway Firth is seen, with the hills of northern Lakeland visible on the horizon beyond. When you are ready to leave, go round the enclosure to pick up the access track servicing the mast. This mast replaced a smaller mast that used to stand on Meikleholm Hill, and gives local people a much improved TV picture.

Follow the access track down. At first it seems that you are heading away from Langholm, but the track then makes a sharp right turn and heads purposefully back towards the town. There are fine views across Langholm to Whita Hill, and Potholm and Castle Hills. Birds common in this area include (according to season) curlew, skylarks and plover.

Further down, past a gate, the track becomes stonier and then passes between hedges which are a riot of May blossom in spring. At a junction (house on the left) go straight ahead. Go through the gap in the hedge down the steps into Buccleuch Park. Go across the park to the right, left over the footbridge and retrace your steps back to the car park.

The Langholm Walks Booklet of 14 way-marked walks is available from Welcome to Langholm in the Market Place, The Paper Shop on the High Street, The Buccleuch Centre or by mail to

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