Trusty's Hill Walk

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This circular woodland and farmland walk is 5.5km long and takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

About Trusty's Hill Walk

This circular woodland and farmland walk is 5.5km long and takes approximately 2 hours to complete. The terrain consists of roadside pavement, minor roads, beaten earth and grass paths. It is of moderate difficulty and stout shoes or boots recommended. Parking is available at the car park in the
centre of Gatehouse of Fleet.

Start From the car park. Turn left over the River Fleet Bridge and carry on until you arrive at the spot where the main road takes a sharp left turn. You will notice straight ahead a sign for Venniehill where you can enjoy magnificent views of Gatehouse of Fleet and the surrounding countryside. From the main road turn right on to the minor road and continue for approximately 300 metres where you make a left turn and start to climb the hill to a cattle grid. Take the path on the left here. Follow this through a private garden, remembering to close all gates behind you, until you reach a stile over a dyke. From here, follow the waymarkers through the rough, undulating landscape.

When you come to the signpost for Trusty’s Hill, follow this to the vitrified fort and Pictish carved stones known locally as the ‘De’il’s Specs’. The Pictish stones can be found on the south side of Trusty’s Hill, very near the summit. This is one of only two known sites in Galloway where the Picts have left clearly recognisable marks and it can only be a matter of speculation as to why these carvings have been found so far from ‘Pictland’ (normally regarded as the north east of Scotland). From here you will also enjoy splendid views of Fleet Bay. Once you have visited the fort, retrace your steps and continue to follow the waymarkers until you come to a signpost for Rutherford’s Monument.

Follow the path to the monument where you obtain fine views of the Fleet Estuary and the surrounding countryside. The 55 foot high granite obelisk was erected in 1842 to the memory of the Reverend Samuel Rutherford who ministered in the Parish of Anwoth between 1627 and 1639. The millennium Cairn opposite shows the names of all ministers of Anwoth and Girthon until the year 2000 when it was erected. To continue the walk, retrace your steps then follow the waymarkers through the wood to the ruined Old Kirk at Anwoth. There has been a church here from at least the 1100s. The ruin you see today was built between 1626-27 and was in use until 1825. The Parish Church to the south was completed after this, between 1826 -28, but is no longer in use.

To complete your walk, follow the minor road past Woodend Cottage until you reach a T
junction. Turn right and follow the road back into Gatehouse.

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