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Roman Fort Site.

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This is the closest parking spot. Follow the sign and path under the Viaduct and you'll see a platform on your right with an information board.
The Romans built their fort at the base of the Eildon Hills. Unsurprisingly, they called it Trimontium. It was cleverly placed to control the river crossing on Dere Street and to command the Tweed valley to the west. It was occupied between 80AD and 211AD and could hold a garrison of around 1,500 soldiers.
Almost nothing remains of the fort above ground. but the outlines of the buildings can be identified and archaeological digs have uncovered a substantial number of artefacts.
The site was first excavated by a local man, James Curle between 1905 and 1910. One of the most impressive finds was a cavalry helmet. A replica of it can now be seen in the Trimontium Museum in Melrose.

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