The Knowe

Ancient, Ruins
A farmstead whose appearance masks bigger secrets than small-scale prehistoric agriculture

About The Knowe

Park to the east of the road. A steepish path leads towards this site, but not all the way, as for obvious reasons path-making near ancient sites is frowned upon. Follow the path diagonally uphill to the northwest. After some metres it peters out: then follow the telltale green tapes in more or less the same direction. Soon you see the ramparts and can enter the enclosure.

This little defended farm or croft is comparable in size to Boonies further down the valley, and could well have supported the same kind of farming activities. But considering the small size of the enclosure, these earthworks are really immense, with double ramparts in places, either side of a deep ditch. They're much more like those of Castle O'er than the much smaller "defences" at Boonies. Clearly, they weren't intended just to keep livestock in or out! So they must have been built to keep enemies out and to impress, overawe and deter these same enemies or any passers-by - including Romans?

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