The Crichton Memorial Church

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The cathedral-style Crichton Memorial Church, designed by Edinburgh architect Sydney Mitchell (1890-97), is a prominent feature at The Crichton in Dumfries.

About The Crichton Memorial Church

The focal point of the 85 acre estate at The Crichton in Dumfries is the cathedral-style Crichton Memorial Church, designed by Edinburgh architect Sydney Mitchell, 1890-97. The Church features a nave, chancel, transepts and a 123 feet high square tower over the crossing.

The richly detailed exterior is of red sandstone from Locharbriggs and the elegant interior features sandstone from nearby Thornhill.

Inside the church you will find a stunning oak roof and floors of Irish and Sicilian marble under foot. The is superb furnishings, including a stone carving by William Vickers of Glasgow is illuminated by the impressive stained glass by Oscar Paterson of Glasgow.

The first service in the church took place on Sunday 15th October 1897 with a dedication service, where a prayer of dedication from Elizabeth Crichton was read to the congregation.

The organ was installed in 1902 by Lewis and Co of London. TC Lewis was one of the most prolific organ builders in Great Britain at this time. Today there are only two of these organs remaining in Scotland, the second being at Kelvingrove Art Museum.

Later additions to the church include a brass angel lectern to commemorate the life of Dr James Rutherford and a baptismal font to commemorate Dr Easterbrook. The South transept houses a memorial plaque to the members of the Crichton Royal Hospital who lost their lives during the First World War.

As a non denominational church, The Crichton Memorial Church is available for weddings, graduations, concerts, funerals, services and events and has been host to BBC productions such as Songs of Praise. It is also a popular film location.

In 2017, a celebration event was held in the Church to mark its centenary and it continues to attract interest from visitors to the region. Personal and group visits can be arranged by contacting The Crichton Trust. Look out for details of organised tours and events in the church.

The story of the Crichton begins in 1823 with the death of Dr James Crichton of Friar’s Carse who left to his widow, Elizabeth, the then considerable sum of around £100,000 to be used for charitable purposes. The Crichton is an 85 acre parkland estate with a fascinating history and an international reputation as a former psychiatric hospital.

The Crichton Trust is responsible for protecting, maintaining and respectfully developing the legacy of the estate and a statue of Elizabeth Crichton sits prominently next to the church.

The Crichton is free and open to the public all year round and has stunning scenery, an enchanting rock garden and arboretum.

The Crichton is also home to Easterbrook Hall, Easterbrook Bistro, Bar & Spa, a thriving Business Park with over 80 businesses and an Academic Campus. Crichton Central is a new co-working space and café that is due to open in 2021. Visitors can choose from a selection of eateries on site (with indoor and outdoor seating) or decide to pick up a takeaway or picnic lunch to enjoy while exploring the grounds. Holiday Inn Dumfries is also located on site and the Crichton Golf Course is just across the road.

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