The Bantry

Great viewpoint. Please be careful on rocks and rising tide.

About The Bantry

From the mid point of The Bantry, it is possible to see Eyemouth's notorious Hurkur Rocks which pose a great hazard to fishing boats, especially at high tide when most of the rocks are covered by the sea. In the Great Disaster of 1881, the townspeople had to stand by helplessly and watch as much of the town's fishing fleet was dashed against these rocks. with great loss of life. Yet despite the danger. the Hurkurs also provide shelter to the approach to the harbour and river mouth.

In the bay eider duck are often present and occasionally grey seal can be seen bobbing in the water. When the tide is out, rockpools are revealed which are well worth exploring for shore and hermit crabs, sea anemones, winkles. whelks, Iimpets and many more marine animals and seaweeds. **Please take care, the rocks can be very slippery and do not be caught out by the rising tide.**

To the North, the cliffs below the old fort can appear dark and forbidding, a death a trap for the unwary sailor. However, on Black Friday' in 1881, one crew at least was thankful to see the rocks at Fort Point : “Later in the day, the ‘Pilgrim' was driven into the bay. Hers was a remarkable escape, for with one wave she was thrown on to the rock at the Fort Point and was lifted with another clean over Black Carr and pitched almost high and dry on the shore. With the aid of lines her crew was all saved".

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