St Queran's Well

Ancient, Early Christian, Ruins
This well is well known to locals as a place of worship and offerings.

About St Queran's Well

St Queran's Well is named after a 9th Century Scottish Saint and is considered to be a special place of offerings and of giving hope. The well is surrounded by a number of stones which would have probably marked a path to the well. The well is 3feet in diameter and fed by a natural spring.

The well dates back at least 500 years and a survey of the site in the 19th Century collected hundreds of coins which had been thrown into the well with some dating back as far as the 16th Century. The well has been held in high regard as a wishing place where diseases were cured especially for women and children. In the 17th Century it is recorded that the well was also known as St Jardan's Well which is simply another name given to the same Saint

Beside the well is a "cloutie tree". These trees exist around Scotland and many are beside these type of holy wells. A cloutie tree is where pieces of cloth and other goods are tied to the tree and given as offerings in return for wishes. You can still see many of the most recent offerings on the cloutie tree beside the well.

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