St Abbs Diving

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Pathfinder dive charters depart from St Abbs Harbour which is one of the best dive locations in the UK with interesting wrecks and excellent dive sites.

About St Abbs Diving

Pathfinder is moored at St Abbs which boasts fantastic underwater scenery and is home to Scotland's only Voluntary Marine Reserve. Skipper Paul is an experienced diver with strong links to BSAC, SAA, Padi & SSAC. He has been diving at St Abbs since 1997 and his boat, Pathfinder, is a Blyth Catamaran which is fully licensed to carry 12 passengers. There is a wheel house at the front of the boat and it has twin Perkins M185C engines allowing a cruising speed of 10 knots. Pathfinder operates under...

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