RSPB Mull of Galloway

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Discover Scotland's most southerly point, the Mull of Galloway.

About RSPB Mull of Galloway

The outstanding coastal reserve of the Mull of Galloway is surrounded by steep cliffs, home to locally important colonies of seabirds. A designated Site of Special Scientific Interest, the Mull of Galloway is home to a wide array if wildlife in every season.

Visit in the spring, to spot guillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes and fulmar making the cliffs their home, while gulls soar overhead and wildflowers begin to bloom on the meadows. Throughout the summer, gannets, wagtails and meadow pipit can be seen around the reserve, and on occasion, you may even spot puffins in the sea below. Autumn then brings with it tern, skua, shearwater and common scoter swallows, as well as house and sand martins - the migration of songbirds through the reserve is a spectacle to behold. Eider ducks and shags meanwhile brave winter at the Mull of Galloway, taking shelter on the cliffs, while the occasional peregrine falcons soar overhead.

Wherever you turn at the Mull of Galloway, a stunning view lies ahead. Ireland, the Isle of Man, Cumbria and Galloway can all be seen in the distance, while all around you is the frenzied activity of a large cliff colony of sea birds.

Please take care and be safe on the cliff edges.

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