Roxburgh Street to The Square

History & Heritage
Continuing along Roxburgh Street with its mix of old and new buildings, most of which are shops at ground floor level

About Roxburgh Street to The Square

Just past Duns Wynd on your right, you re-enter The Square through "Cunzie Neuk" (Scots: Coin or Gutter Corner). This may refer to the fact that until the 16th century, each area of the country had its own mint producing coinage. From 1547, the Scottish Mint was located in Edinburgh and under the terms of the Treaty of Union in 170, the mint was to continue here at Kelso but this failed to happen. So until the 16th century it was from this part of Kelso that money was distributed to the surrounding area. The alternative derivation is a little less romantic!
Once you are in The Square. you will see on your left, the Cross Keys Hotel, which was built for James Dickson in 1761. Kelso was at that time the last stop in Scotland on the coach road from Edinburgh to Newcastle. Dickson built the hotel to cater for the travellers on the route. It was certainly the grandest ofthe stages between the two cities. In I880, an extra storey was added and this is one of the few four storey buildings in the town.
On your right are shops and flats but behind these are areas of the town that are historically associated with industry. Names such as Oven Wynd, Peat Wynd and Mill Wynd hint at the former usage. Imagine the hustle and bustle around here, especially during market day.

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