Routin Brig

The Routin' Brig at Kirkpatrick Irongray was the historic crossing point from Kirkcudbrightshire into Dumfriesshire.

About Routin Brig

The Routin Bridge known locally as the Routin' Brig due to the power of the Cairn Water as it passes through the brig has been around in a number of different forms since the 16th Century. The present structure is mainly from the late 18th and early 19th Century and is it is a perfect place to see the tumbling Cairn Water as it passes downstream to join the River Nith.

The brig has dark history in more ways than one. It is associated strongly with the local parish and the church at Irongray. This church was at the centre of the religious struggles during the Reformation and the killing times of the late 17th Century. This small corner of the South was where Grierson of Lag used to catch and kill Covenanters who had been attending Conventicles with the largest gathering taking place above the brig at Skeoch Hill in July 1678. Just along from the Brig is the Hallhill Martys stone which commemorates 2 of the worshippers who were killed on that day.

The Brig is also a place where it is said that witches covens would meet with one infamous witch being given the title of " the sorceress of routingbridge" Over 70 witches were hanged in the 17th Century alone. Many of these have supposed links to the Brig but many were simply victims of vengeance or
false rumours.

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