Robert Burns' Ellisland Museum and Farm

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Ellisland Farm was the rural home of National Bard Robert Burns from 1788-1791. He built the house for his family and wrote some of his most famous work here.

About Robert Burns' Ellisland Museum and Farm

Follow in the footsteps of one of world’s greatest poets and experience the tranquility of Ellisland Farm; the place that inspired Robert Burns to write some of his most famous poems and songs.

Robert Burns described Ellisland Farm as the "poet's choice". Of the three farms offered to Burns by his landlord, this was the place he chose to build a home for his family. In a letter he wrote before his move, he said: "I want to be a farmer in a small farm, about a plough-gang, in a pleasant country under the auspices of a good landlord... To find a farm where one can live at all, is not easy. - I only mean living soberly, like an old-style farmer, and joining personal industry. - The banks of the Nith are as sweet, poetic ground as any I ever saw".

During his stay at Ellisland Farm, Robert Burns produced around a quarter of his songs and poems, 130 in total, and 230 of his 700 letters. Many of his best known works were written here, including the poetic masterpiece ‘Tam O Shanter’, his songs ‘Ye Banks and Braes o Bonnie Doon’ and his version of ‘Auld Lang Syne’, which continues to be sung across the world to this day. His personal experiences while at Ellisland inspired him directly, such as the tragic ‘Address to a Wounded Hare’ and comical ‘Willie Brew’d a Peck o’ Maut’ and ‘Elegy on Willie Nicol’s Mare’.

By visiting you can connect with the Bard and his life here at the farm through an extensive collection of artefacts, memorabilia and manuscripts housed in the home he built, lived and worked in. You can admire the view of the Nith from his study where many of his greatest works were penned, and soak in the unique atmosphere of Ellisland Farm, which has barely changed since the time of Burns.

The grounds of Ellisland Farm are well worth exploring in their own right, with a beautiful, atmospheric riverside walk and stunning views of the Dumfriesshire countryside. Ellisland Farm is a dog friendly destination. Please check our website or Facebook page for our latest visitor information.

Ellisland Museum and Farm is in urgent need of conservation. You can help support the important conservation work of the Robert Burns Ellisland Trust by becoming a Member of Ellisland for just £15. Membership includes a free guided tour of Ellisland Museum and Farm.

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