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Provender is a convivial haven for good times and contemporary Scottish, British and French cooking.

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noun: provender
Noun - Provender
Meaning: Food / fodder
“From the field or the plate, provender requires
care and attention; love and passion.”

Provender was created by the Orde brother's; Justin & Christian, who were born and raised in the Borderlands, in fact members of the Orde clan have been in the region since 1066! However, for the past 40 years their family have provided hospitality to the Scottish Borders in the Castles and Stately Homes that surround the region, maybe you'll visit some of these spectacular places before or after you dine at Provender?

The Orde's wanted to transport the warmth and passion they feel for the Border's into a restaurant setting so that everyone can experience what makes our home great. You might only be visiting for a short time but at Provender we want you to feel like a local.

We want you to experience a truly authentic taste of our Nation and specifically our region's food. We pair our food with a friendly and warm welcome from our lovely staff. Our head chef Christian Edwardson was also raised the Borders as a young boy where his father was the Vicar at a local church. Like so many young people from our area he moved to London. Whilst there developed his cooking whilst working for Pierre Koffmann. You can catch glimpses of Christian working in our vibrant open kitchen where he cooks with passion and creativity to bring you the very freshest and seasonal flavours available. Make sure to say hello!

Our exciting drinks programme features hand-made cocktails crafted by our Restaurant Manager and resident "mixoligist"; Matt Dvorak. Matt infuses spirits like Kerr's Border Gin and crafts syrups made using foraged ingredients to help create a truly unique set of beverages. Our Provender martini is the perfect accompaniment to a a round of Lindesfarne oysters.

Every Wednesday we host a Steak night where you can sample a range of different breeds of Beef all raised on our local pasture land. Through our the summer our salads and vegetables are supplied from the local Bowland Estate and the gardener there, Nick, keeps us stocked with amazing heritage varieties of all sorts of delicious "provender".

We don't stand on ceremony and won't demand you conform to a dress code but if you wish to celebrate a special occasion we can host you in a private dining space.

So what are you waiting for? Live like a local and eat the best of our region in the friendliest neighbourhood restaurant you could find.

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