Pennymuir Hall

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An old Community Hall in the upper Kale Valley.

About Pennymuir Hall

Pennymuir Hall is a reminder of the community that used to live in these hills. Great social events were held here, including the Border Hunt Ball. There aren’t enough people left in this area to carry on activities in the hall. However, this is still the venue for the Upper Kalewater Show and Sports, held on the first Saturday in September. Dere Street passes by the Hall and if you look across the Kale Valley, you can trace the outline of the road as it makes its way southwards through the hills. Just in front of the Hall is a signboard that explains the outline of a Roman Marching camp in an adjacent field.
This is wild remote country and land well known to the Reivers – cross border raiders who were active in the lawless time in this area before the Union of the Crowns in 1603.

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