Parish Church

Religious Buildings
The Parish Church is built on Castlehill, site of Peebles Castle

About Parish Church

The site occupies the land immediately at the junction of the Eddleston Water and the River Tweed. In 1783, a church was built hcere and was dedicated the following year when the first minister, Dr Dalgleish, said “I dedicate our new church, called St Andrew, to the service of God". It was demolished on 23 April 1885 and the present imposing building took its place. This building terminates the view to the west from High Street and has a wonderful crown steeple on tho corner. If you look up, you will see the Burgh Arms carved in Stone. This panel was saved when the 18th century church was demolished.
On the right hand side at the foot at the steps is Peebles Sheriff Court, with its tall octagonal chimneys, which was built in 1848. Here also was the Burgh Prison. The town's jail had been located in the ‘Steeple' but in the early months of 1775 a vault on the north side of High Street, opposite the Town House, was purchased to serve as a jail. The vault proved to be unsatisfactory us inmates were frequently being supplied with food and alcoholic drink by the town's people.
Facing you on the opposite side of the street as you stand on the comer of High Street is the three storey former Caledonian RaiIway Hotel, which was built in 1886. Until its closure in 1954, the Caledonian Railway Station was located just over the River Tweed. Built as the hotel for passengers of that railway company, the ground floor is now used as a newsagent’s shop. You should notice the fine Dutch gabled chimney stack with its oculus window, fine leaded windows and carved stone panels.

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