Old Town House

Religious Buildings
The Town House was duly built on the site in 1753

About Old Town House

In July 1749 the council, folllowing the practice or the other Royal Burghs that "have of late built new houses commonly called Town Houses” decided to construct such a building in Peebles. An old property on the south side of High Street was purchased. The grounds of this property extended down to the town wall on Tweed Green. The Town House was duly built on the site in 1753. During the Napoleonic Wars, French prisoners of officer rank were held here.
The Burgh Arms are carved high up on the building. The carving has been done in reverse, indicating that it may have been copied from the stamp of the Burgh seal. The council was asked to sell the Town House in 1841 in order to build a new jail but they politely declined.

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