Old Parish School and Schoolhouse

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There are several examples of fine old buildings in High Street including the Old Parish School and Schoolhouse on the corner of Armatage Street

About Old Parish School and Schoolhouse

Built in 1819 they were designed by Alexander Gilkie who also built the Auld Kirk. At the end of High Street and the start of Market Place is a splendid example of art deco architecture which shows just how diverse the architecture of the town is. In the front of the building is a statue of Willie Spears who led the local fishermen's protests of 1855-1864 called the Great Tithes Dispute. These protests were against tithes, a form of tax (equal to one tenth of the value of the boat's catch) levied by the Kirk. Eventually, the disputes were settled when the tithes were abolished by an Act of Parliament.
High Street leads into Market Place. Notice the marriage lintel which is dated 1735 above the door of Number 4. Above one of the windows of Number 2 is a plaque commemorating the fact that on 19th May 1787, Robert Burns was made a Royal Arch Mason in this building. The entrance to Lodge St Ebbe is in Masons Wynd.

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