Neth Hill Border Collies

Animals & Wildlife
Sheepdog Demonstration in the beautiful Moorfoot hills. Come and watch sheepdogs in action in their own environment

About Neth Hill Border Collies

On arrival you will be welcomed by me, tenant farmer of Carcant farm and I will give an introduction that covers our work on the farm and explains what is involved in the demonstration, an explanation and demonstration of how we communicate with our dogs using their language.

You will then move to the enclosed viewing area where I will work and describe how I communicate with my young dogs using just body language and gestures, demonstrating how to control the hunting instincts and utilize their energy in to a working method that shows empathy for the sheep.

I will work with different dogs to show each step of training, while explaining why using pressure & release works and how important hierarchy is in the working dog.
I will show how I teach my dogs to use their brain and think for themselves along with teaching associated commands. I will also explain how working with my method “The Natural Way” creates a willing partnership.

After covering basic and intermediate stages I will bring out my fully trained dogs, demonstrating the value of these tremendous dogs as I replicate working situations what these dogs do every day.

To finish the demonstration I will work with two main dogs together as a team demonstrating the true teamwork and partnership I have with my dogs.

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