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On more than one occasion Burns passed through Moffat, including on his triumphant return to see Jean Armour following his Borders tour in 1787.

About Moffat

At Moffat we enter Dumfries and Galloway, Burns’s home county through the later years of his life. He would write some of his most famous works here and travelled through the county in his role as Exciseman – a job he held towards the end of his life.

We know Burns passed through Moffat, on more than one occasion and he stayed at the Black Bull Inn, where today his favourite area is called The Burns Room or Poets Corner. As was his want, Burns engraved a window pane with a verse inspired by a lady love who was passing by the window as he revelled inside with his companions.

Unfortunately the pane of glass is no longer to be seen at the Black Bull, having been presented many years ago to visiting Russian dignitaries. However the words of the poet are not lost, displayed on the exterior wall for all to see.

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