Moat Brae

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Moat Brae welcomes visitors to the magical birthplace of Peter Pan, as well as inspiring a love of stories as Scotland's National Centre for Children's Books.

About Moat Brae

In 2009, led by the Peter Pan Action group, local people got together to to find a way in which to keep the legacy of JM Barrie and Moat Brae thriving and to create a literary destination. Moat Brae is now the National Centre for Children’s Literature and the team there are dedicated to developing a love of books in young readers. Playwright and author of Peter Pan, JM Barrie, lived in Dumfries from 1873 to 1878 often visited Moat Brae. He would later say that the gardens were ‘enchanted lands’ to him and inspired the world of Peter Pan.

Today, Moat Brae is an exciting visitor destination. Visitors can book tickets for special events, explore the house and fantastic 'Neverland' garden or relax in the cafe.

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