Lifeboat Station

History & Heritage
There has been a Lifeboat Station at Eyemouth since 1876, the first lifeboat being the rowing lifeboat "James and Rachel Grindlay"

About Lifeboat Station

Tragically. the lifeboat could not be launched on Black Friday, 14th October 1881, as its crew were fishermen and so were already at sea.
A lifeboat house and slipway were constructed in 1876 but were replaced by a new station in 1908. These became obsolete with the harbour improvements in the 1960s and were removed as part of the most recent harbour upgrading. Since 1964, a modern lifeboat has been moored in the harbour ready to sail at a moment's notice, the crew being summoned by one, two or three rockets, depending on the seriousness of the situation facing them. The new Station was completed in 1992.

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