Langfauld & Potholm

Low Level Walks
8km walk along both sides of the River Esk.

About Langfauld & Potholm

Cross the bridge over the Ewes Water (which you can see from Kilngreen car park) and continue along the road, soon forking left. On the left is the site of Langholm Castle, of which little real trace now remains, and also the site of the annual Langholm Agricultural Show, held in September and a grand spectacle.

You are on the Duchess's Walk, and soon at Langholm Lodge. Keep right and continue on the road up to Holmhead and on to the North Lodge. You then continue on a clear track through Langfauld Wood. There is a fine variety of trees including spruce, silver fir, Scots pine, Douglas fir and hemlock, as well as areas of rhododendrons which make a Iovely show in spring and early summer.

Continue north through the woods for 1 km, with the Esk beloW and Potholm Farm visible ahead. Fork left down to the farm. At the farm, turn left twice in quick succession so that the farmyard is not entered and you reach the farm access road. Just beyond Potholm is the site of the former Staplegordon Church, with its cemetery, and also the mound marking the site of Barntalloch name is of Gaelic origin and is said to mean 'hill of the forges'.

Turn right to cross the bridge over the Esk and continue along the narrow road, passing Milnholm Farm, with ClarkFell rising to the right and the Esk down to the left. The road is followed for more than a kilometre past Milnholm. Up to the left across the river are Potholm and Castle Hill.

Reach the road-end and just before the junction, turn left through a hole in the wall into the woods. Follow the old path down through the woods, still with the Esk below to the left. The path eventually-winds 'its way down to the river bank and reaches the Duchess Bridge. Do not cross the Bridge but continue on a broad path, turning right by a wall to reach the school sports field. Follow the edge of this area, round to the right and on to the road. Turn left along the road, back to the town centre, over the bridge, and left again to return to Kilngreen.

The Langholm Walks Booklet of 14 way-marked walks is available from Welcome to Langholm in the Market Place, The Paper Shop on the High Street, The Buccleuch Centre or by mail to

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