Kitchen Coos & Ewes - Insta Coo Tour

This farm experience is all about our Highland cows! It gets you quickly out on to the hill to capture amazing pictures to share with your friends.

About Kitchen Coos & Ewes - Insta Coo Tour

Scotland’s most iconic farm animal is an ancient breed. However, there’s a lot more to a Highland Coo than just looking good. They also play a vital role in managing the natural environment on Scotland’s hills which benefits other wildlife at the same time.
It’s hard to imagine how a Highland cow can possibly help a Barn Owl but once you immerse yourself in the experience that story will become real.
There’s also a great story to be told about the way the herd is led by a matriarch cow. She commands the respect of the others and the others all know their place. While there are some that will always seek to challenge for the top position; there are others who just want to avoid being at the bottom of the pecking order.
There is no better way to make that story come alive than to hear it directly from the people who look after the coos as you sit surrounded by them on the hill.
Finish off your farm experience by enjoying the hospitality of your hosts before you go. Traditional farmhouse baking has sustained generations of farm workers for hundreds of years. Crumpets, pancakes, scones and something for a sweet tooth always goes down well with some good chat around the table.

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