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Overlooking Tibbie Shiel's Inn (up the hill off the A708) is a statue of James Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd; his right hand grasps a shepherd's crook and in his left is a scroll with the last line of the Queen's Wake. He taught the wandering winds to sing.

About James Hogg monument

From Tibbie Shiel's, you can turn left on the Moffat road B708, and
continue into Dumfriesshire to The Grey Mare's Tail, a spectacular
waterfall, and climb to Loch Skeen a lonely desolate hill loch.

On the way to Moffat, you pass Bodesbeck where Hogg places the
benevolent spirit, The Brownie of Bodesbeck in a tale of the Covenanters; past the Carrifran Wood site which is in process of
being re-planted as natural wood, and so on to Moffat, a noted spa
town in Hogg's day.

Retrace the route, B708, as far as the Gordon Arms; then turn left and take the B709 through Traquair (to Innerleithen), another
spa town where St Ronan's Well spa is still open to the public.
Hogg and Scott were instrumental in reviving St Ronan's Games and Hogg was a regular competitor until old age.

OR continue back to Selkirk and explore the town more.

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