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The buildings along Horsemarket are good examples of early 19th century architecture.

About Horsemarket

No 60 was built as a church in 1793 and in early 1930s the building was given a new frontage when it was converted into the Roxy Cinema.
On the right hand side as you head down towards The Square is an ornate Edwardian former Post Office built around 1910 and where the street widens out is Number 22, with its elegant swept corner. At Number 16 at the west end of Horsemarket, is the site of the former Kelso Theatre. Built during the Napoleonic War by French Prisoners of War, when it was open, the theatre was a great social centre for the townspeople or those attending the Kelso races.
Once more you arrive in The Square. When leaving the The Square via Bowmont Street, you'll go through a lane known locally as “The Dardanelles".

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